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GC "Forest Hills"

A new Golf Club - opened in 2013!

About «Forest Hills»
Forest Hills Golf Club: a new open-air countryside golf resort, located in Dmitrov district, Moscow region, at the 41st km of Rogachevskoe highway. The Golf-club first welcomed all its honored guests in May, 2013.
The course itself is designed by one of the best international golf course design firm Hills&Forest International Golf Course Arhitects (USA), by architects Steve Forrest and Arthur Hills. The project name is taken after the two architects’ last names, which also truly reflect their meaning in the Russian Language. The hard work of the architects turned into an unequalled eighteen-holes championship golf-course, with a natural fusion with the rolling glacial lands of Dmitrov district. The course is set in the deep Russian forest where large evergreens, birch and native wildlife complete a very impressive setting.
The venerable forest and lowlands make up a picturesque natural landscape, diversified by steeps, widely spread ravines, lakes, and meandering streams, where protected fish species – grayling dwells, adding up even more distinctive character to the site. The course is set right in this impressive scenery.
We may express our deep and never fading admiration for the nature, but it definitely worth it seeing with your own eyes. но The golf-course parkland design will be also loved by many.

The Project «Forest Hills»
The golf course takes up about 85 hectares, the length of the field is 6660 meters. Outstanding in size training zone with a scope of capabilities has a spacious putting green and three chipping greens with a set of bunkers. The golf field is built on a vast territory, so the boundaries of the golf course are twice as much than it’s area. As a result we see a natural versatile landscape, where rolling terrain turns into massive woods, changing into lowlands. The site features let it to create generous fairways, large bunkers, vast greens (18 greens about 2000 square meters in area), with elevation changes up to 80 meters, among unique obstacles like ravines and challenging water features, rives and streams. This golf course is flexible enough to challenge the professional yet make it possible for high handicappers to get around the golf course, as the multiplicity and complexity of landscape even at its most is readable and fair.
Abundance of local flora, fresh air, sport excitement can definitely improve your physical and mental state, no doubt this friendly atmosphere will take you away from the city rush and troubles, and courteous staff will do all their best to make you feel home.
One of the project’s advantages is that it’s the second golf project completed by group of companies «Pestovo». High governance standards of the best russian country golf and yacht club «Pestovo» successfully emerging to the project «Forest Hills». And golf-club «Pestovo» members are members at the «Forest Hills», this is a unique privilege that no other golf club in Russia can offer.
Chalet style golf club house for the guests and golf players is located just in front of the training zone. Warm and homely atmosphere assures you have a great time, and floor-to-ceiling windows offer a magnificent view of the golf course and lovely nature in any kind of weather. Pro-shop, golf equipment rental, golf-professional service, lockers and shower are available for the guests.

«Forest Hills» Advantages
Forest Hills - The first golf club with an open air championship golf course, which allows to hold
sport tournaments and events of various status and format for the members of the
any club клуба and individual golfers, and anyone can take lessons and play on the golf course.
Forest Hills – High governing standards of the best russian country golf and yacht club
«Pestovo». Exclusively golf club «Pestovo» members are members at the «Forest Hills»,
this is a unique privilege that no other golf club in Russia can offer.
Forest Hills – Customers are represented by well educated, successful people,
with a proactive approach to life. Client base of the club is more than 1000 people.
Forest Hills – A special program for the customers offering best hotels, restaurants,
yacht and golf clubs, ski resorts in Russia and abroad.
Forest Hills – A variety of possibilities to hold events inside the club house, as well as in the open.
Parking lot, helipad, summer terrace with barbeque, installation of sunshades and
marquees facilitate organization of official meetings, special occasions and banquets.
Spacious area near the golf course is perfect for test drives, including off-road test drives
at any time of the year.

Tournament format description
Opening, Close of the season – These tournaments traditionally are the most important at any golf club. It is a celebration of a get-together and summarizing season results. Members and guests are gathered for a sporting event and to spend amiable evening time in a friendly company. The tournaments have an interesting sport format and unforgettable night program. Number of guests up to 150 people.
Club Championship – Traditional sport tournament, awaited by all the members and guests of the golf club. During the two days sport marathon, every member of the club and the guests can show their sportsmanship and compete for the Championship. The champion’s name is posted on the board of honor. Expanded evening program. Number of guests and players up to 200 people.
“OilMen’s Cup”- is held since 1995 as a traditional charity tournament. It was initiated and is now held by the group of companies «Servon». Participants of the tournament are Moscow golf club teams of players and members, executives of the oil companies, representatives of the related industries, concerned banks, financial corporations and insurance companies, partner’s and sponsors’ teams, golf players of Moscow golf clubs. Number of guests and players 200 people. The tournament has an extended evening program.
Ryder Cup – A monthly traditional club tournament. The golfers will experience a more slow play and have a great time in the family dinner atmosphere. It was held already during the two seasons and is very popular among players.
The President Cup of Pestovo - The group of companies «Pestovo» president’s tournament has two laps at Forest Hills and Pestovo golf clubs. The two club members, Moscow club players and guests are united in this tournament. The extended evening time program and the awards ceremony takes place in one of the most prestigious country golf club «Pestovo». Number of guests 150 people.
Golf&Jazz – is a fun tournament, in format of an interesting sport competition with an emphasis on the Jazz style evening event. Evening open air program with a lot of guests and partners. Jazz band concert, meeting friendly and open people making this event bright and unforgettable . Number of guests 250 people.
Golf festival – the tournament held in cooperation with the Golf Federation of Moscow region gathers a great number of players and guests. This tournament standard combines several formats, allowing to participate to players with different skills. Extended evening program for the guests and players gathers about 250 people.

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